Return Policy

If an item fails to work in a normal operating environment, within 30 days from the date of invoice, we'll send you a replacement***. Simply contact us to arrange the return of the defective unit.  Then a replacement will be sent out. We will create a return shipping label for the defective product.

Non-defective items may also be returned within 30 days, though the buyer is responsible for shipping fees and a 25% restocking fee. Once the part is received and is confirmed to be in the condition it was sent, a refund will be issued for the cost you paid for the items. 

All returns must have an RMA# on the box or otherwise clearly indicated on the package, this RMA# must be issued by Ideal MRO Surplus Now, LLC (Ideal Surplus). To obtain an RMA#, simply call or e-mail within the return period, request the return, and we'll issue an RMA#.

Products returned without an RMA# will not be accepted.

If a quantity discount was received on an order, any cancelations or returns that reduce the number of an item below the minimum threshold for the received discount will result in a proportionate smaller refund. For example, if a product costs $10, and a quantity discount was in place so that if you ordered 5 or more the price became $9 each. If you purchased 5, in this scenario, the total would be $45 (not including appropriate taxes or shipping). If you then canceled one from the order or returned one for a refund, your order would now be for 4 items at the original $10, so your new order total would be $40, resulting in a refund of $5.

**This includes any product whose condition is NOT listed as "Parts Only", except for circuit boards, see below for our Circuit Board Policy in regards to returns. 

***We reserve the right to issue a refund as opposed to sending a replacement. This will generally be used if a replacement can't be procured in a timely manner, or for foreign shipments where the chance of the package being lost due to local complications is high.

CIRCUIT BOARD POLICY - Due to the nature of electronics in an industrial environment, most board/module failures are caused by another problem in the machine. Be sure your machine's problem is diagnosed correctly before purchasing Circuit Boards from Ideal Surplus. If your previous board appears burned or physically damaged, this is often the result of failure elsewhere in the machine. If this failure is not repaired as well, the new board will also fail and be damaged. Therefore, circuit boards with physical signs of damage will not be accepted for returns.